Writing a review for a doctor

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Writing a review for a doctor

But then your inner marketer climbs out of the woodwork. Should you say this? Should you talk about that? What can you do to get the best return from it? And you have no idea what to say.

A product review on a basic level is sharing your thoughts about a product and the benefits of using that product. So when Curlytops bought an Amazon Echo for her husband and fell in love with it, she wrote this product review that gives some reasons why people should buy it too even without meaning to: Alternatively Nicholas expresses his dissatisfaction for people in the UK and his review turns them away from the product: These are two basic examples but they have a powerful influence.

The power extends to all types of content. For example, BestVPN have created an entire business model around the concept of sharing reviews of the best Virtual Private Networks people can buy: A lot has been written on the benefits of having your products reviewed.

But not a lot has been said on the benefits of writing a product review. But, you can make affiliate sales quite swiftly from product reviews. You can target more long-tail keywords and drive more specific search traffic from people looking for the product.

By reviewing products, and having people engage with them, you can create more authority in your niche. A lot of people will give you free access to their tools and products too. Which, no matter where you are in you niche site journey, you can always benefit from.

writing a review for a doctor

The 5 Star Mistake Most Niche Marketers Make When you sit down to write your review you feel drawn to give the product a five star rating. Because you want to make money and you feel that anything less than five stars is going to turn customers away.

But this is also dangerous territory. Not every product in your niche can be that good, can it? Which makes perfect sense when you think about it. The problems of one product can be the feature or benefit someone else is looking for.

For example Benny Lewis is a language learning blogger who often reviews products and tools.

writing a review for a doctor

In this review he gave Rosetta Stoneone of the best known products in this niche, a two star review. He wants to get out on the streets, talk to people and learn the language in that style.

But there are those people out there who hate it: But the reasons they hate it are probably the reasons I love it.

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