Writing a formal complaint against the boss

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Writing a formal complaint against the boss

I am working offshore here, minsan nasa laot offshore minsan nasa ofc, last and pindala ako sa Australia, kaya nga email is my way of communication to Filinvest. Pumayag na sila for refund but they refused to pay me with interest.

Should I proceed to the next level and take it to the court? So they still are the next level. But that point aside, di pa naman tapos yung case nyo diba?

Antayin nyo muna yung decision ng arbiter. Just go on with the case and let the arbiter declare his decision. Den Morales Ratay Salamat po sa prompt response.

Ang arbiter po ba ay ang representative ng hlurb na humaharap tuwing may hearing po kami? Kung Oo ang kasagutan, ito po ang problema, nagiging one sided po ang arbiter na yun, lage po sya sumasang ayon sa sinasabi ng Eton, sya po ang nag tutulak sa akin na tanggapin na un offer.

Naka ready na raw un cheke para sa kabuuang binayad ko bilang refund. Hinde ko pa ba ito tatanggapin? Puede ba yun na si Lucio Tan na may ari nang ETON na masiado nang madaming pera pero jiniram pa ang iyong pera para kanya gamitin tapos ibalik sa iyo na ikao ay ualang pakinabang?

Fuera pa nyan, yung pera na ibalik sa iyo, yun ba ay puede pa makabili nang ka perejo na value nang property na iyong dapat binili? Ito ba ay iyong ma bibili pa kung sa kali tapos na? Kaya ikao ay na guisa nila sa iyong sariling manteca.

Uag ka mag pa loco! Uag pumayag na ualang interest! The agent told us that we need to pay for 14, monthly until the turnover of the unit this late quarter of The agent told us that i can apply as a co-borrower of my boyfriend since we will be living both on that unit, thus will give us a higher chance of getting approved also with his help.

writing a formal complaint against the boss

I am a bit skeptic about it and asked him what if we were not granted for such loan? I also asked him kung gaano katagal yung palugit para hindi ma-forfeit ang unit, he told us maximum of 4 years. We want to know if we can rely on this?

Kindly help us with this. I think what jasonlubrica: About the 4 years na hindi maforfeit ang unit: Lastly, how would you know na totoo ang sinasabi ng agent nyo?1. Can I ask people to make requests in writing?

I’m an administrative assistant for a firm of about 35 people. I handle a large amount of ad hoc work, and people here sort of have a habit of just mentioning what they need from me as they pass my desk.

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Thanks for the useful resource. It would be great if the Word Editor such as Microsoft Word could make corrections when mistakes are made in writing dates and times. The primary purpose of this decree is to protect the buyers of condominium projects and subdivision developments against misrepresentations and fraudulent activities of developers, sellers and operators..

Nowadays, real estate competition among developers, agents and operators is becoming more stiff. A formal employee complaint letter is normally written to the human resource department complaining them about an employee who caused inconvenience to you. The.

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