Swot analysis of hilton hotel

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Swot analysis of hilton hotel

Mission and Vision of Hilton Worldwide: It is among one of the largest and fastest growing hospitality brands of the world that has 14 world class brands in its portfolio. Hilton hotels and resorts is the flagship brand of the Hilton Worldwide company. Its loyalty program has more than 60 million members.

To be the most hospitable company in the world — by creating heartfelt experiences for Guests, meaningful opportunities for Team Members, high value for Owners and a positive impact in our Communities.

Swot analysis of hilton hotel

It believes in being the most hospitable company of the world which just sounds like promising the best quality of customer service like Amazon does.

A mission explains what a brand stands for. However, it is also used like a scale for day to day operations and decisions. For that reason it must be a little specific to guide the managers on important decisions. The mission statement of Hilton makes a very generic statement about the rest aspects of its business.

Whether it is regarding its financial impact or corporate responsibility or organizational culture there is a very faint indication of what Hilton stands for in these areas. There Swot analysis of hilton hotel no indication of its financial status, its competitive position, products and services or any specific focus in the area of CSR.

This mission must include more things but at the same time focus must be on including the relevant and being more specific. To fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality —by delivering exceptional experiences — every hotel, every guest, every time.

A vision is the roadmap to future for any brand. In simple words, it sums what kind of future and brand imagines for itself and how it is planning to be there. A vision must be clear enough to show direction.

So, a vision must not speak vaguely. All the focus on hospitality- at least that is what seems to be the focus of Hilton as appears from its vision statement. It is like saying we will continue to innovate and improve our services and products so we can provide the customers with the best in the world that is not a very specific statement and neither is that clear enough.

Moreover, this mission statement leaves many things out of its ambit. There is no discussion of financial objectives, CSR, employees, and other important stakeholders. It is not just too broad to be utilized as a vision, it also shifts the focus from the other main objectives of the business.

It does not explain what kind of financial future the company is trying to achieve. Other critical concerns are also left put like competition and market position.

Both mission and vision statements are two critical pieces of communication from the brand to its stakeholders — internal or external. So, apart from being concise, they have to be concrete and complete.


It can be improve further to include the other key factors like market position, competition, important business goals and made more specific. They are noted here: This is the first and most important passion of Hilton. It means guest experiences crafted to be five star.

It is not just a core value, it is a promise from Hilton to the customers and the world.

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Another core value that is very important for Hilton. It believes not just in doing things right but also all the right things. Leadership is just as integral to performance at Hilton.

At Hilton you are inspired to work with the team. In everything that it does, it acts a team.

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Swot analysis of hilton hotel

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