Rosemarie gnam thesis

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Rosemarie gnam thesis

Books and Readers at the Dawn of the Victorian Age T he first half of the nineteenth century witnessed an extraordinary transformation in British political, literary, and intellectual life.

There was widespread social unrest, and debates raged regarding education, the lives of the working class, and the new industrial, machine-governed world. At the same time, modern science emerged in Europe in more or less its current form, as new scientific disciplines and revolutionary concepts, including evolution and the vastness of geologic time, began to take shape.

In Visions of Science, James A. An impressive, timely, and important book. Secord crosses disciplines with the effortless elegance of an intellectual athlete. These books con- way we think about what it would have sidered the meanings of science and its place in modern life, looking been like to be alive in the nineteenth to the future, coordinating and connecting the sciences, and forging century.

Their aim was —New Statesman often philosophical, but Secord shows it was just as often imaginative, projective, and practical: He is the author of Victorian Sensation: The past fifty years have witnessed an enormous upsurge in vaccines and immunization in the United States: American children now receive more vaccines than any previous generation, and laws requiring their immunization against a litany of diseases are standard.

And yet, while vaccination rates have soared and cases of preventable infections have plummeted, an increasingly vocal cross-section of Americans have questioned the safety and necessity of vaccines.

Switzerland: Berne

In Vaccine Nation, Elena Conis explores this complicated history and the consequences for personal and public health. In the of both the power of vaccination to save years that followed, Conis reveals, vaccines fundamentally changed us from disease and the sincerity of the how medical professionals, policy administrators, and ordinary Ameri- often well-intentioned people who ques- cans came to perceive the diseases they were designed to prevent.

Through this and other examples, Conis demonstrates how the acceptance of vaccines and vaccination policies has been as contingent on political and social concerns as on scientific findings. Elena Conis is assistant professor of history at Emory University.

This the ocean trying to understand whales, and Luke Rendell, whose re- work is unique, and I plan to quote parts search focuses on the evolution of social learning, open an astounding of it for years to come.

For anyone with an porthole onto the fascinating culture beneath the waves. As Whitehead interest in how whales and dolphins live and Rendell show, cetacean culture and its transmission are shaped by their lives, this is a must read.

A Life with Whales january p. In The Cultural Lives of Whales and Dolphins, a blend of adaptations, innate sociality, and the unique environment in which whales and dolphins live: Drawing on their own research as well as a scientific literature as immense as the sea—including evolutionary biology, animal behavior, ecology, anthropology, psychology, and neuroscience—Whitehead and Rendell dive into realms both humbling and enlightening as they seek to define what cetacean culture is, why it exists, and what it means for the future of whales and dolphins.

And, ultimately, what it means for our future, as well. Maps proliferated and permeated almost every aspect of daily life, not only chronicling geography and history but also charting and conveying myriad political and social agendas.

There are maps that were printed on handkerchiefs and on the endpapers of books; maps that were used in advertising or propaganda; maps that were strictly official and those that were entirely commercial; maps that were printed by the thousand, and highly specialist maps issued in editions of just a few dozen; maps that were envisaged as permanent keepsakes of major events, and maps that were relevant for a matter of hours or days.

Tim Bryars is an antiquarian map and book dealer living in London. Power, Propaganda and Art, published by the British Library. Cross and Robert N. Proctor Packaged Pleasures How Technology and Marketing Revolutionized Desire F rom the candy bar to the cigarette, records to roller coasters, a technological revolution during the last quarter of the nineteenth century precipitated a colossal shift in human consump- tion and sensual experience.

Food, drink, and many other consumer goods came to be mass-produced, bottled, canned, condensed, and distilled, unleashing new and intensified surges of pleasure, delight, thrill—and addiction. Proctor delve into an uncharted chapter of American history, shedding new light on the origins of modern consumer culture and how technologies have transformed human sensory experience.

In the space of only a few decades, junk foods, cigarettes, movies, recorded sound, and thrill rides brought about a revolution in what it means to taste, smell, see, hear, and touch.

New techniques of boxing, labeling, and tubing gave consumers virtually unlimited access to pleasures they could simply unwrap and enjoy. Manufacturers generated a seemingly endless stream of sugar-filled, high-fat foods that were delicious but detrimental to health.

Mechanically rolled cigarettes entered the market and quickly addicted millions. And many other packaged pleasures dulled or displaced natural and social delights.Search. Barcelona - Spain. and place, Diary/Landscape reintroduced history and private emotion ♦ Galerie Nächst St.

Stephan Rosemarie Schwarzwälder Vienna, Austria January change direction combine to enable the researcher to turn a daunting mass of found material into an effective paper or thesis. More than a mere how-to manual, Abbott’s guidebook helps.

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Rosemarie gnam thesis

The Reviewing Attorney would be able to manage assistance in these stories rosemarie gnam thesis statistical analysis and if different assistance to our pro bono contrasts. Rachel Carson Award for Scientific Excellence (Individual) Dr. Rosemarie Gnam. Gnam was able to do this effectively by developing a comprehensive understanding of the biology of bluefin tuna, the fishery for this species, its management needs, and the politics of tuna fisheries.

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