Robert yagelski writing as a way of being summary

You see, I was convinced that I would not be studying basic writing much during my degree. In fact, I saw a bit of myself when we read Yagelski: Then again, basic writing has been on the chopping block for decades.

Robert yagelski writing as a way of being summary

Visual Communicaton How do you Live your Life? Do your clothes offer you a life of independence and freedom? Careful scrutiny of advertisements might lead one to think so.

Some retailers use incentives and lifestyles to lure a consumer into purchasing their product. I found an advertisement for, American Eagle Outfitters, a brand name of clothing.

I chose to analyze it and discovered much more than I would have expected. When an advertisement is analyzed, one discovers that there is much more message present than the few words printed in the margin.

These are a few things that will create a larger horizon for thought and analysis. American Eagle is a small store for young people and sometimes for those who want to feel young.

robert yagelski writing as a way of being summary

They sell shoes, purses, jewelry, cologne, perfume, and clothing for both men and women. This specific American Eagle advertisement shows a college aged girl of about nineteen crossing a road with books cradled in her arms.

She is looking over her shoulder which suggests that she may be going to class. She is dressed in American Eagle clothing, and is sporting an American Eagle purse. The symbol of this store is also incorporated into the ad to creatively display the emblem in public places such as a shopping mall.

People will hopefully begin to associate the emblem and the name of the brand with the products. I found this advertisement at the mall where there are many people who are shopping. Many times this ad will be seen in places where teens choose to spend their free time.

Teaching college composition and directing a writing center

A mall is a busy place and many people walk by a variety of stores every minute. Ads have to be catchy and appealing so that people who are rushing to get their shopping done will notice them. There are many potential buyers in a mall environment, making it the perfect place for advertisements.

Catching the attention of their audience of young people, creating an experience, or eliciting memory of an experience, and promoting their product are the main focus of this American Eagle advertisement.

They do this by featuring only their brand of clothing and accessories on the model. In this case the activity is going to school.

Going to school is a common activity, yet as we continue to analyze this advertisement we become aware that based on her age she may be going to a college class. Being in this situation makes the experience rare because not everyone goes to college.

The concept of being a college student also portrays the idea that the girl is on her own. Therefore, the purpose of this ad might be to point out that when you wear these clothes, you experience things that not every person has.

Another common life event is the simple act of crossing a street. Showing the girl crossing the street may be symbolic of her independence. Having the model cross the street may be symbolic of her independence.

A consumer might well be persuaded that wearing this brand of clothing will allow them to reach this grown up status in their own life. The model is carrying a stack of books, one entitled, Creating Excellence.

This could be another case where American Eagle is attempting to make an association tying their clothing to feelings of intelligence and excellence. Logos are another item that have a great deal of impact in advertisements. The symbol of the eagle used by American Eagle clothing, has some sort of message behind it.

Time: The Great Equalizer

Eagles are independent and strong birds soaring high in the sky, rising above everything below. Our country uses the eagle as a symbol of a free country. The fact that the model is outside in the elements is another way that American Eagle gives the targeted consumer a sense of freedom and reality.

It expresses reality and emotional ties that their audience can relate to. Their advertising reaches beyond the fact that clothing is to cover the body and keep it warm. In the ad, clothing and accessories introduce the idea that clothing is a way to express oneself, to live in a certain way.

Tying emotions to a product makes the advertisement successful.

robert yagelski writing as a way of being summary

American Eagle has accomplished their goal of making the consumer see their product in a new light. Posted by Hannah at Electronic Communication This semester included several various types of electronic communication.Yagelski and Robert K.

Miller note that “ evidence, especially factual or statistical evidence, is sometimes presented in visual formats within a written argument” (81). Dr. Gregory Jay joined UWM as Professor of English in He was the founding Director of the Cultures and Communit more Dr.

Gregory Jay joined UWM as Professor of English in He was the founding Director of the Cultures and Communities Program and served from ( These are made up of people, things, characteristic ways of talking, acting, thinking, believing, valuing, interpreting-and reading and writing are an integral part of these activities and ways of.

Approaching the issue from a different perspective, Cathy Fleischer, Jean Ketter, and Robert Yagelski warn of the ways emphasis on timed writing can distort good writing instruction. “The Writing Center Paradox: Talk about Legitimacy and the Problem of Institutional Change.” College Composition and Communication (): WW Print.

Carter rhetorically analyzes and critiques well-known writing center theorists’ language regarding institutional legitimacy and value of writing centers. Carter’s theoretical. The book presents a dramatic new way to understand writing as an ontological act at a time of unprecedented social, educational, and environmental change.


This book offers hope in the form of a pedagogy of writing as an ethical practice of being in the world.

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