Resume writing and interview skills workshop

Once you make the decision to partner with us, we will help you identify the best Federal and Federal contractor jobs for your background and skills. This is a very important step. Many people make the fatal mistake of applying for jobs for which they are either minimally or not qualified, and their applications are not forwarded for consideration.

Resume writing and interview skills workshop

Structuring your CBI answers Although you need to be ready for anything in an interview, preparing structured competency-based answers in advance can have real benefits. There are many recommended models for structuring CBI answers. My own personal favourite splits the first contextual part into two: The challenge gives point and purpose to the story and tells the panel why it is significant and worth listening to.

The actions are in effect a response to a challenge, or set of challenges. Whatever model you follow, take the pressure off yourself by writing down your examples in note form. You might find the templates download left useful for this vital preparation.

A few handy tips for preparing CBI examples: A smart CBI example will not range over years, but cover a specific period, and have clear challenges and outcomes. Too much background history could kill your story dead.

Aim to set the scene in two sentences. Focus on your role, decisions and follow-through. This might go down well in an interview along with tangible outcomes.

resume writing and interview skills workshop

How can your learning be useful for the organisation? Competency-Based Frameworks Many organisations in both private and public sectors make use of competency-based interviewing CBI.

This includes the United Nations and a number of other public international organisations. It's worth being well prepared for CBI.

Preparing for Interviews

Trying to recall examples from memory spontaneously in an interview "So tell us about a project you coordinated which received positive feedback from clients" might leave you floundering if you have not thought it about it in advance - and if you don't know your CV.

But practice and preparation - including writing down your examples in note form - usually pay dividends in focusing your memory, and eventually allow you to be sharper and more flexible in the interview itself.

Remember that the competencies might be specific to the job, or part of a broader "competency framework" which represents the organisation's shared culture - its core values and practices.

resume writing and interview skills workshop

If you get an interview, one of the first tasks is to find out if the organisation has such a framework, or a list of competencies relevant to the target job or section. Also find out if the organisation produces a guide for candidates, based on its framework, to help you prepare for CBI.

If there is a framework, spend some time getting to know it. Competency frameworks are a window onto how organisations think and what they value.

They can help you to locate the career examples which will have the best impact in an interview. For sample frameworks by the UN and other organisations, and sample CBI questions, please see my resources left. For a simple and accessible introduction to the theory and practice of competency-based interviewing, I recommend the booklet produced by management consultants Barclay Simpson see left.

It gives a clear and straightforward introduction to CBI and some good sample questions and answers.Registration will remain open up to 2 weeks after the course begins Program Coordinator Todd Freece [email protected] Resume Writing Workshop. Resume Writing & Interview Skills Workshop Room | Main Campus Resume Guidelines & Examples Interviewing Tips & Do's and Don'ts Professional Attire Recommendations How to Search for Open Positions Door Prizes Register for the event by logging on to the student activities website and c.

Discover how to handle challenging interview questions with confidence; Learn how to collect, compile and present information that showcases your skills and experience. What is a Resume Workshop or Career Seminar?

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If you are a university, a staffing agency, or a nonprofit, then resume workshops and career seminars are where members of your organization can learn critical skills and receive hands-on tips about resume writing, cover letter writing, and job interviewing.

Keywords are key to having your resume noticed! With the increasing prevalence of scanning technology, employing keywords in a resume to attract maximum attention – by a human and/or computer scanner – has become a critical component of building an attention getting resume. A Certified Federal Resume Writer will write your Federal resume to target those Federal jobs for which you are best qualified.

It is extremely important to have a solid Federal resume that meets all Federal guidelines and gets the highest possible score from the Agency HR staff.

Typically, Federal resumes are about five (5) pages long and include detail regarding your particular duties.

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