Population analysis of yemen

Other includes JewishBaha'iHinduand Christian 0. Shias are primarily Zaidi and also have significant minorities of Twelver [17] [19] and Ismaili Shias. Education in Yemen According to composite data compiled by the World Bank, the adult literacy rate for Yemen in was 35 percent for females and 73 percent for males.

Population analysis of yemen

Although armed groups in Yemen are often categorised as 'pro-government' or 'pro-Houthi', most Yemenis support neither.

Rather, myriad small groups are often organised along tribal lines, and have their own identity, ideology, and goals. However, the Yemeni army is deeply divided, with units loyal to Hadi fighting pro-Houthi units. Pro-government forces aim to regain control of Houthi-controlled areas, and have carried out operations against Al Qaeda.

The Yemeni army factions that back him are mostly active in northern governorates. Factions in the Yemeni army allied with the Houthis include members of the former Republican Guard, a unit perceived to be aligned with Saleh.

There are about 30, Houthi fighters. The Hadi government used the Southern Resistance to re-establish control in Aden, after the Houthis took over in July The group continued to exercise considerable control in Aden and the southern governorates, where people feel they have been marginalised by the north.

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After Southern Resistance politicians were dismissed from the Hadi government in Aprilthe movement created the 'Transitional Political Council of the South', effectively creating a third government. AQAP, based in the south and east of the country, fights the Houthis.

Although it had eight active cells inonly two cells Aden and Hadramawt claimed attacks in A coalition of Arab countries began airstrikes in support of pro-Hadi forces on 26 March The coalition has deployed an estimated 10, ground troops.

The UAE initially sent troops, who are increasingly being replaced by mercenaries and Sudanese fighters.

Population analysis of yemen

These weapons have also been used in unlawful airstrikes. These airstrikes often target vital infrastructure, including roads, farms, and markets.

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The US has trained Saudi pilots and refuels fighter jets from the Saudi-led coalition.This is the population pyramid for Yemen. A population pyramid illustrates the age and sex structure of a country's population and may provide insights about political and .

Nov 09,  · Hunger became starvation and is about to lurch into famine. A failing state failed and an economic crisis became a catastrophe.

An insurgency became a civil war and then a regional conflict. The conflict in Yemen was originally a dispute between Houthi rebels allied with the former president, Saleh, who led the country from –, and forces loyal to .

Total population of Yemen Yemen: Estimated total population from to (in million inhabitants) This statistic shows the total population of Yemen from to The population of Yemen was about 28 million according to estimates, with 46% of the population being under 15 years old and % above 65 years.

In , it was million. In , it was million. The population of Yemen was about 28 million according to estimates, with 46% of the population being under 15 years old and % above 65 years.

In , it was million.

Population analysis of yemen

In , it was million.

Yemen is in freefall and half of its population is at risk of famine - CNN