Parts of the circle lesson plan

In example 7, each circle is shaded in different sections. However, both circles represent the fraction two-thirds.

Parts of the circle lesson plan

The teacher will begin by asking the students what they know about circles. The students will discuss if a circle is a polygon or not. They will also discuss the total number of degrees in a circle.

This questioning will service as a formative assessment and guide the teacher to adapt and adjust instruction as necessary. The students will discuss degrees and degrees in relation to skateboarding and snowboarding. This will help the students connect the lesson to everyday life experiences.

The teacher will tell the students that today they are going to be identifying and naming parts of a circle. They will also be learning about the relationship between the diameter and radius of a circle. The teacher will explain that during class today the students will be creating and labeling a plethora of circles.

This new arrangement will help to spark conversation and get the students interested into the topic of instruction- circles.

All of the students will be asked to stand up and form a circle. One student will be selected to serve as the center point of the circle The teacher will explain to the students that together they form the circumference of the circle. Yarn will then be extended across the circle to create the other various parts.

Each part radius, diameter, chord, central angle, arc, and circumference will be created with the yarn and discussed in detail. The students will use the paper plate to make a circle model.

The teacher will guide the students through the drawing and labeling of each part of the circle on the paper plate.

The teacher will have the students reflect on the parts of a circle. Extension questions for higher level learning include the following: How many diameters can a circle have answer- infinite amount?

Is a diameter a chord answer- Yes, because it has both endpoints on the circle. Is a chord a diameter answer- Not always, for a chord to be a diameter it must go through the center point?

Teacher observation of student performance will serve as the formative assessment.SAFE ENVIRONMENT LESSON PLAN Grade: First Grade All portions of this lesson plan can be completed in one session.

[Say different body parts, including hands, fingers, eyes, feet, back, head, want you to come up and circle the smiling face if this a situation that makes you feel good.

An adjective tells you what kind, how many, how much, what color etc of a noun. The hungry fox ate 5 grapes that were green and juicy. A verb is a word that shows action, being or possession.

Parts of the circle lesson plan

Plan your lesson in Math with helpful tips from teachers like you. SWBAT label the parts of a circle. SWBAT find the diameter when given .

Student Notes Circles Textbook Pages – New Vocabulary Radius – Is the distance from the center of the circle to the outer edge. Diameter – Is the distance from one side of the circle to the other. Pi – Is a number used when working with circles.(Also known as ).

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Parts of the circle lesson plan

Learn more about Premium. Register. Fun Fraction Lesson Plans: Numbered Equal Parts. In the last fraction math lesson plan, we created circles divided evenly into equal parts. We will be using those circles to move on to the next math lesson plan.

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