Nostradamus and a grim future

The Times of Troubles A. Missile scare leading to the Times of Trouble B. A crazed world leader's gain of an atomic bomb 1. European and western countries intervene 2.

Nostradamus and a grim future

Known as the son of converted Jews, a dabbler in astrology and other questionable arts, Nostradamus had been invited to Paris in to provide exotic diversion.

But his prophecies about the ruler were destined to make him internationally famous. One of them seemed straightforward but obviously preposterous, suggesting that "a one-eyed man" would soon be king. The other was characteristically cryptic, open to interpretation: He will pierce his eyes in their golden cage; two wounds in one, then he dies a cruel death.

During that period, he would become - and has remained - the only one-eyed ruler of France. The words of Nostradamus were recalled with awe. Implacably opposed to magicians and sorcerers, leaders of the Roman Catholic Church were inclined to burn this dangerously accurate prophet at the stake.

Peasants, thinking the prediction had actually been a curse, set him ablaze in effigy.

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Only the protection of the widowed Queen Catherine saved him from execution. However, his studies were abruptly curtailed when bubonic plague swept through the south of France in Nonetheless, he was almost denied a license upon his graduation four years later, perhaps because of charges brought by jealous colleagues.

But the gratitude of the peasantry and respect of his fellow students led to his reinstatement. Setting up practice in Agen, a town on the Garonne River, inhe married a young woman said to be "of high estate, very beautiful and admirable.

Nostradamus as he now called himself had been ordered to appear before a church court, purportedly for making a disrespectful remark about a statue of the Virgin Mary.

When he returned, a resurgence of the plague claimed the lives of his wife and both their children. For the next decade the compassionate physician once again became an itinerant caregiver, acquiring the reputation of a miracle-worker.

After being awarded a lifetime pension, he settled in Salon, halfway between Marseilles and Avignon, set up a business producing cosmetics, and married a wealthy widow who bore him six children. Revelations in the Attic As his newfound financial security made continued medical practice unnecessary, Nostradamus turned to the mystical arts.

The small-town "barbarians," as he called his neighbors, viewed his interest in magic and astrology with suspicion.

Nostradamus made a number of shocking predictions for what he believed would happen in 201

He converted his attic into a celestial observatory where, perched on a tripod, he contemplated the starry vaults of the heavens and claimed to receive the secrets of the future from "the internal light, the voice.

Gradually, however, he completely lost interest in the mundane pursuit of forecasting the weather and changes of the moon.Dec 30,  · Watch video · Nostradamus has cryptically warned that a devastating conflict between two world powers will break out in the heart of France, consuming the Author: Sebastian Kettley.

Nostradamus, in the Centuries, uses the same animals, denoting the same qualities, as symbols of the contending powers of Europe. The Wolf, the Bear, the Lion, the Fox, the Eagle, the Stag, all play their parts again, in his minstrelsy of destiny. Essay Nostradamus and a Grim Future by Mookypj English II pre-AP period 1 11/4/96 Outline I.

Introduction A.

Nostradamus and a grim future

Thesis sentence B. Marc Hopkins opinion on the validity of Nostradamus's predictions II. Background information on Nostradamus A.

Source of Nostradamus's education B. Nostradamus's trip to Montpellier C. Tragedies strike Nostradamus 1.

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The forecast of the future always seems grim when predicted by twins Linda and Terry Jamison. The California-based mediums have claimed to have channeled the spirits of dead celebrities like Princess Diana and Michael Jackson, and predicted major events like the Twin Tower attacks.

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Nostradamus, Iran war march – a call to Dolores Cannon