Newspaper reading habbit among school teachers

It looked at the reading habits of almost 1 million children across Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and, for the first time, the Republic of Ireland. The study of 29, pupils across Scotland also reveals the most popular books and authors among Scottish school children. It highlights a persistent problem across the UK in encouraging secondary school pupils to read challenging and age-appropriate books.

Newspaper reading habbit among school teachers

Our Laings Good afternoon to lots of Laings! The impetus arises from the probable move in May of my son Hugo and his wife Aislinn recently married after a long friendship to Johannesburg, where she will be correspondent for the London Daily Telegraph. I knew there was a great uncle John who went to South Africa long ago, so I went exploring.

Let me say a little about the family to which I belong. I have in front of me a family tree which was drawn up about a hundred years ago and which seems to be pretty direct back to a William Laing of Millfield probably Scotland who was born in Prior to that it records Thomas Laing who married Isobel Neil by whom he had six recorded children.

The earliest date is for William of Drumgowan. Other names which recur from way back are James, George and Peter. As a name, it certainly became focussed on Aberdeen where, if not as common as Smith in parts of England, it is certainly well represented. Ironically, I married Anthea Gill, also of Aberdeen for several generations, with a Yorkshire Mother some said did I enjoy living dangerously!

Work was always hard to come by in Scotland and there was constant emigration to England and further afield in search of better circumstances. They all insisted on the Lay-ing pronunciation by the way so far as I know.

From the photographs I still have I think to begin with they were in reasonable circumstances, he being a cotton-broker in Liverpool, and living as so many people did in what was then a comfortable part of Birkenhead. In he died suddenly leaving his widow with three smallish children to rear.

Eventually Marion emigrated to America and spent most of her life nursing, until she died around in San Diego. George was educated with help from the Masonic order and emigrated to Canada, where his children Ron lives near Kingston and Margaret in B.

He was killed on a return flight with many colleagues, and they are buried in Lamlash Cemetery on the Isle of Arran, off the west coast of Scotland, where I have visited the grave on a couple of occasions.

After Birkenhead School I went to Trinity College, the University of Dublin, and have retained a connection with Ireland, both south and north ever since, having worked there for about half the last forty years. There I learned most Laings lived in Ballyconnell Co. Cavan, which is just on the border, the names of William Marion and Patricia all appearing on gravestones in the Church of Ireland burial ground.

No doubt they came from Scotland through Belfast. Now I have tried to join up some of the loose ends I detected as I read through the various contributions to the site and hope I have filled in a few gaps here and there. We live in the south of England, about 40 miles west of London which we visit quite frequently.

Marco is married to Sally, and Rory has been seeing rather a lot of Daisy. Julian and Sebastian have five children, boys and girls, between them, but there are - as the legal fraternity would put it - no proofs of affection so far, further down the line.

Very best wishes to you all wherever you are! My great-grandfather George Le Moine was born in He married Frances Laing, daughter of Archibald and Harriet.

Please let me know if you have any info. My gran is Lily Laing also from Aberdeen. I would be interested to hear from any other Laings from this family. I like your website.The statistic shows the share of paper-books reading habits among children in Italy in As of the survey period, the greatest number of children read before going to bed (about 78 percent.

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Newspaper reading habbit among school teachers

Illustrated Mother & Son Incest Stories Volume 1 in PDF format by cedgef. Reading is a great habit for kids. It teaches them so many new things. But unfortunately kids nowadays do not read.

Newspaper reading habbit among school teachers

We tell you how to share the happiness of reading with your bundle of joy and. 9 Good Reading Habits. Besides learning reading strategies, readers learn good reading habits. Provide time in school to build reading time to 90 minutes in one sitting.

Every other Friday, build sustained reading time. Start by reading 20 minutes. Reading Habits. Once teachers confer with students, both walk away with reading goals.

reading books, magazines, journals etc, therefore, there is an urgent need to develop the reading habit among the individuals in the society. Palani () is of the opinion that, effective reading is the most important avenue of effective learning.

A Survey of Students Study Habits in Selected Secondary Schools: Implication for Counselling G.I. Osa-Edoh, and A.N.G. Alutu C What proportion of junior secondary school students possess good study habit than those in senior secondary school?

choosing a good study environment among others. Environment of study.

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