Marketing mission

What's the difference between vision, mission and values statements? The terminology can get a bit confusing here, sometimes, especially if it is used interchangably by some people. There's also a lot of cynicism about these statements. If yours are anything like the Dilbert example above, then cynicism is the correct and appropriate response.

Marketing mission

In an effort to sort through all of the noise, here is how I define these often ominous terms, taking them from wall art in the conference room to tangible realities.

I believe there are two categories we should be thinking in. The first is purpose and values.

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The second is vision and mission. Purpose and Values Purpose and values should never change. They should always remain. Purpose is the reason why you exist. And again, purpose should never change. Values should guide everything you do. They are the glue that hold everything together.

Values should inform every decision, every strategy, every employee hire and fire, every marketing campaign and every relationship with a vendor.

And again, values should never change. Vision and Mission Contrary to popular opinion, vision and mission will change. They will evolve over time, they will change culture and they will change with culture.

This is because vision and mission are dynamic. Vision is what we see. Kennedy gave us vision when he said we choose to go to the moon by the end of the decade.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Marketing mission

Vision gives us a picture of an unrealized future. It may be five years out, ten years out, maybe 50 years away. The bigger the vision, the more it will cost to see it realized.

Marketing to Mission

Mission is how we get to the vision. The Apollo missions are how we got to the moon.Marketing has two distinct, if overlapping, missions. Mission #1 is to drive immediate revenue and support sales. This is the function that most people think about when they think of marketing.

And this is the function that makes far too many people think that marketing and sales are the same thing. Home to the world's most luxurious hotel brands, Dubai is a top global destination with more than , hotel rooms in *.

Servicing this number of rooms is no small feat, and with 20 million tourists expected in **, Dubai's hospitality industry offers incredible opportunities to those with .

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