Living the life

Love or loathe him, philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche offered a unique way of considering creativity in his first major work, The Birth of Tragedypublished in Two conflicting creative energies are detailed: The Apollonian is the cool rational intellect, while the Dionysian is the passionate emotional aspect.

Living the life

Living the life

How can it be achieved to live life Living the life consciously? And even more important: What does "Living a conscious life" mean? Living life consciously and consciousness in general is a fairly broad term, which is why I will illustrate it with the difference of being asleep and being awake.

Can you remember one of your dreams you had the last night? Nearly all the decisions you made in this dream were unconscious decisions by your subconsciousness, which is influenced by your morals, values, emotions and mindsets.

Whenever I dream it feels like a floating journey where my subconsciousness becomes an autopilot of myself and starts to make all the decisions for me, based on my values and the way I would behave in real life. Living life consciously figuratively means that you have awoken out of a deep, unconscious dream and realize that a huge fraction of your actions were dictated by external influences, habits and your subconsciousness.

The state of living conscious means that you are now the one who makes his very own choices that come from deep within yourself, but it also means that you start questioning negative behaviors, actions and habits and substitute them with more positive ones.

Consciousness gives you an amazing sensation of control over your life and your situation, which is very motivational and empowering. Basically, living more consciously is all about making more thoughtful and deliberate decisions, without being affected by our subconsciousness, habits, society and the environment you life in.

It is about knowing what your purpose in life is and the realization how to live your life in Living the life to be happy, without living in the past or worrying about the future. How to Live Life Consciously? Therefore, it is important to clearly identify what sources in our lives affect us negatively and do not want us to make conscious decisions, e.

Besides knowing what affects you negatively you should also clearly know what sources can influence you in a positive way and help you to achieve your goals or simply motivate you.

These positive sources could be conversations with your parents and friends, or simply speeches of motivational speakers that empower you. Furthermore, it is important to identify barriers that keep you from living your life consciously and barriers that keep you from accomplishing your goals.

Living the life

These barriers could be relatively general like watching too much TV or more advanced ones like laziness. The very first step towards more consciousness consists of working against negative influences and the attempt to reduce as many barriers as possible.

Sometimes it can be really helpful to start a journal where you write down everything that influences you and evaluate if it influences you in a positive way, e. Whenever you find a negative influence try to find possible solutions that help you to reduce the influence or the effects of the influence.

The Path of Least Resistance The path of least resistance is an alluring option to accomplish goals in a simple and easy fashion and we tend to choose this path rather than the option of investing hard work, effort and time into our journey towards the accomplishment of our aims. However, one thing the path of least resistance is not: It is more than likely that external factors or our subconsciousness e.

Choosing the path of least resistance does not involve the "regular" conscious decision making process, such as evaluating what tasks need to be done and trying to figuring out what possible obstacles and barriers could prohibit you from reaching your goal and it does not involve the creation of own strategies to accomplish the aim.

The advertisement industry was one of the firsts to discover this trend, which is why they started to market their products as quick-fix solutions that offered its customers to accomplish their desired objectives with the least necessary effort. Whenever you are confronted with the option to choose the path of least resistance try to keep in mind that it is not always the most conscious choice!

However, it can in some cases save you a lot of time, so try to choose the path that fulfills you most, even if it is the consciously chosen path of least resistance.

Independence In our modern society we are confronted with a lot of external pressure and false purposes on how we should spend our lives, mostly spread by companies with the ambition to increase their profit.

This form of social programming has led to the delusion that only factors outside of ourselves can make us happy, which is why we try to accumulate tangibles with the purpose of fulfillment.

Living life consciously means that you are independent of false purposes, attempts of social conditioning and the pursuit of accumulating tangibles to find happiness. Consciousness is the discovery that true happiness comes from within yourself and cannot be increased by tangibles or other outside influences, if you are not happy with yourself at first!Living Life - Unavoidable Judgment (2 Chronicles ~34).

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