Iraq war and osama bin laden essay

The purpose of the war was to re-establish and provide security to the American homeland and included several legislative and administrative decisions such as the establishment of the Department of Homeland Security and the controversial Patriot Act.

Iraq war and osama bin laden essay

We found out after the invasion of Iraq, there is no strong evidence that cooperation between Saddam Hussein's regime and Bin Laden ever existed. In real life, Bin Laden hated Saddam Hussein and that's why he asked the Saudi Royal Family to bring his 'holy' warriors to fight against him once Saddam send his soldiers to invade and occupy Kuwait in August Instead, the Saudi Royal Family rejected him and asked the U.

This made Bin Laden really angry, it doesn't even make it better when U. Also in real life, the reason why Iraq was invaded NOT because of WMDs but because Saddam agreed that force could be used against him if he didn't fully comply with UN resolutions for not just having WMD, but also for inspections, monitoring, and verification to prove they didn't have WMD according to the Gulf War ceasefire agreement.

Read UN Resolutionthe very last line. If Saddam does not comply with Resolutionthen the UN Security Council would take action if necessary to implement the Resolution. However, for obvious reasons, the UNSC didn't take action despite Saddam's repeated violation of Resolution and other resolutions.

Saddam targeted Iraqi citizens, especially minorities like Kurds and Shiites that was protected under the no-fly zones a violation of Resolutionfiring at U. He did this for a decade, showing he has no regard for agreements and international law. The UN Security Council turned it's attention again and passed UN Resolution offering Iraq a final opportunity to comply or face serious consequences if they fail to comply.

Many people felt that Saddam Hussein should have been given time in to get rid of his WMDs prior to Iraq being invaded. That means Iraq refuse to cooperate "fully and immediately" as required by resolution The point of making lack of cooperation a breach is that if they are not fully cooperating, they have opportunity to hide what they are doing: It's like if you corner a convicted violent felon and say "put your hands on your head," and instead he pulls something small and black out of his pocket.

Nope, you pull the trigger.Al-qaeda in Iraq is composed of both Sunni Iraq members and the jihads (foreigners who came to aid in Jihad war).

Osama bin Laden is the top active leader of the Al-qaeda group. The leadership coordinates with others groups; Al-qaeda group of jihad in Iraq, Al-qaeda in land of the two rivers plus others.

The Elimination of Osama bin Laden Essay - A recent monumental political event occurred on May 2, , when al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was shot and killed in Pakistan by American forces. Osama bin Laden was only a part, just a fraction of what the US government is up against with.

He may be an influential leader, but still, there are other factors that they have to consider if they really want to end this war against Iraq.

Iraq war and osama bin laden essay

Osama bin Laden stood 6ft 5in tall and married the first of his four wives, a year-old, when he was He had 19 children, of whom his year-old son, Khalid, was killed in the US attack that killed Osama in May Osama bin Laden was born in and was the seventh son and seventeenth child of Mohammed Awad bin Laden, a billionaire in the construction industry.

( ). The family company worked closely with the Saudi royal family and bin Laden grew up amongst the Saudi princes. May 03,  · The killing of bin Laden and the “war on terror” 3 May Washington and the corporate media have used the killing of Osama bin Laden to launch a strident celebration of US militarism.

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