Earth day writing paper

More Buying brand new craft supplies to celebrate and learn about Earth Day? That seems squarely out of sync with the recycle-reuse-renew lessons we are teaching our students. Create a hanging garden.

Earth day writing paper

This activity really helped us understand how we can take care of the Earth as well as what happens when we do not! We read a few picture books on plants.

Then we planted our very own seeds. Each student brings in their own and it fills my window sill with some pizazz! They are the perfect size and are easy to transport. I learned my lesson from last year when I did this Science activity in my classroom.

This year we ventured outside and it was SO much easier!! We also wrote about taking care of the Earth and planting. Some of the stories that my students created were fantastic! We even are going to use some plant themed literacy centers this week. You can grab them for FREE!!

In these centers students will practice using high frequency words.

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One of the activities in my curriculum next week is helping students blend using long I spelling patterns. I made it a little cuter and into a game that my students will enjoy.

I am also going to use this game in my RTI groups this week. I hope that you can use some of these ideas next week!!Visit the official Earth Day site to learn about the world’s largest environmental movement and what you can do to make every day Earth Day.

Earth day writing paper

Together, we can end pollution, fight climate change, reforest the planet, build sustainable communities, green our schools, educate, advocate and take action to protect Earth. Unique Globe Shaped Poetry Writing Templates. Earth Day Poems: Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 and this is a perfect opportunity for your students to write an acrostic poem with an environmental theme.

The first Earth Day, on April 22, , is widely credited with launching the modern environmental the United States, the passage of the landmark Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act. Lined paper with an Earth Day illustration at the top and a writing prompt.

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Earth Day Bar Graph This Earth Day Bar Graph is perfect to practice graphing skills. Earth Day Worksheets & Printables. What better way to celebrate Earth Day than with engaging worksheets that teach kids all about this amazing planet we call home and the importance of protecting our diverse environments?

Earth Day is around the corner. April is a great time to think and talk about the Earth and how to help keep it clean. It is a great time to teach children about reducing waste reusing things, and recycling!

Earth Day Crafts

Today I have some Earth Day Writing Paper for you! If I were celebrating earth day. FREE Earth Day writing paper - Use this cute paper during your study about the earth, Earth Day, or recycling!

Have students write about why they love the earth, ways they can take care of the earth, or anything else that fits into .

Earth day writing paper
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