Dissertation and thesis manual

Miscellaneous Creative Writing Theses All theses, including those in creative writing, are expected to conform to the basic organizational structure and formatting rules. However, creative writing documents are permitted to deviate from the rules to properly display the work. For example, poems may be entered with customized spacing and margins. All students are required to include a statement of ownership of copyright as the second page of each thesis or dissertation.

Dissertation and thesis manual

Word substitutes should be used for Greek dissertation and thesis manual and symbols that appear in the title. Abbreviated terms should be spelled out.

The official designation of the degree i. The department or program should be added following the name of the degree. The name on the title page must match exactly the name under which the student is registered at The University of Mississippi. The date used on the title page must be the month August, December, or May and year of confirmation at which the degree will be awarded.

Note that this date is not necessarily the month of completion of the final exam and document. Copyright Page This page is a simple declaration that the student author claims copyright of the document.

Note that there is a fee to register copyright. This page is not numbered. Abstract Every thesis or dissertation must include an abstract.

A typical abstract includes a short statement of the project, a brief exposition of the methods and procedures used in gathering data, a condensed summary of the findings, and conclusions reached in the study. You will include the Abstract as part of the document AND you will enter the abstract into a text box when submitting the document online.

If included, the dedication page should be brief. List of Abbreviations or Symbols If you use abbreviations or symbols that typically require definition, you should also define these abbreviations or symbols on this preliminary page. The format of this list should conform to the appropriate documentation style.

Acknowledgements This page is optional. Acknowledgements, if included, must be written in complete sentences. Avoid direct and informal address e. On this page a student might thank those who have helped in the process of obtaining the graduate degree. Permissions to quote copyrighted material are also listed here, as well as any acknowledgements for grants or special funding.

Table of Contents The Table of Contents may vary in style and amount of information included. The preliminary pages any of the pages that have been assigned Roman numerals are included in the Table of Contents, except that the Table of Contents itself is not listed.

A page number should be supplied for each item listed. The Table of Contents must include chapter or section titles, the Bibliography or List of References, and any Appendices.

Thesis layout css and Unt thesis and dissertation manual in help to students

Generally, it is not necessary to include subheadings in the Table of Contents. However, if they must be listed, a logical system of indentation should be followed. Consistency must be preserved. If a particular level is included at any point in the Table of Contents, all headings of that level must be included.

Each page of the Table of Contents is numbered by a Roman numeral, sequentially from the previous page.This manual has been prepared to assist students and their advisory committees in the preparation of proposals, theses and dissertations.

Hereafter, the word “thesis” will be used in this manual in general. The Thesis-Dissertation Manual, available as a PDF document, is intended to guide you through the process of completing your thesis/dissertation.

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dissertation and thesis manual

The latest version of the manual was published on August 1, Please discard all previous copies of the manual. Thesis and Dissertation Manual have been established so that paper and electronic theses are presented in a form suitable for the University of Colorado Colorado Springs.

The Dissertation Manual can be used in conjunction with the new Dissertation Template -- a Word file preformatted with the approved margins, pagination, fonts, etc. Thesis and Dissertation Manual. back to table of contents. General Guidelines “I write because I don’t know what I think until I read what I say.”Flannery O’Connor.

Overview of the Master’s Thesis, Doctoral Essay, and Doctoral Dissertation. Students seeking higher degrees traditionally have submitted theses or dissertations to the graduate faculties of American universities in. THESIS MANUAL I.

Introduction The following guidelines are offered to help graduate students meet the Library's requirements for depositing a thesis, dissertation or project.

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