Communicating with the dead through writing a business

The medium begins by persuading the sitter that a dead relative is present: It will come to you. A medium will never say: Which is why it would be so interesting if Sally Morgan would agree to be blind tested.

Communicating with the dead through writing a business

Michael Gleghorn takes a skeptical and biblical look at the phenomenon of after-death communication. Mediums and the Media Both John Edward and James Van Praagh are highly sought-after mediums who claim to possess the ability to communicate with the dead.

Each has his own Web site and hit television show.

communicating with the dead through writing a business

They have both authored best-selling books, been interviewed by television personalities and news journalists, and each has about a three-year waiting list for personal readings.

Init was 25 percent.

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Since then, John has gone from doing private readings in his home to making appearances on popular radio and television shows. The story of James Van Praagh is similar. On his Web site we learn that James was 24 when a medium told him that he would be in the same line of work within just two years.

What are Christians to make of all this?

Communicating With the Dead

Is there good evidence that Edward and Van Praagh can really communicate with the dead? And what, if anything, does the Bible say about such matters? These are just a few of the questions that we will wrestle with in this article. And thousands of adoring fans believe these claims are true.

One reporter tells the story of Sally Morrison, who visited Edward after the death of her husband. But to me, it was incredibly comforting, a sign that Paul had been there. Morrison was persuaded that Edward had really made contact with her late husband.

Michael Shermer, who I must point out is also skeptical of Christianity, observes that there are three techniques commonly used by mediums to convince people of their alleged paranormal powers: Such methods may include observing body language, asking questions, and inviting the subject to interpret vague statements.

Also, by asking questions and inviting the subject to interpret vague statements, the medium can gain valuable information. This information can then be used later in the reading to make what appear to be stunningly precise revelations from the spirit world. Indeed, Shermer contends that by effectively applying these techniques, the medium actually gets the subject to do the reading for him!

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Warm reading involves making statements that tend to apply to most anyone. For example, many people carry a piece of jewelry that belonged to their dead loved one.

In reality, of course, it may have been nothing more than a highly probable guess. The last technique, hot reading, actually involves getting information about a subject before the reading begins!

But surely Edward and Van Praagh have not availed themselves of such methods.

communicating with the dead through writing a business

Not according to the skeptics! Although most skeptics agree that such techniques are probably not used as much now as they were by spiritists in the past, there seem to be strong indications that both Edward and Van Praagh have, on occasion, attempted to obtain information about their subjects in advance.

During a group reading, Edward indicated that the spirits were telling him to acknowledge someone named Anthony.

The cameraman signaled Edward that that was his name. Hockenberry later learned what really happened. When confronted by Hockenberry in a later interview, Edward reluctantly admitted as much.

Of course, Edward still maintained that he got this information from the spirits as well. But can anyone blame the skeptic for being suspicious?You can communicate through mediums, but you can also learn to channel them yourself.

One of the simplest ways is through what I refer to as The Hand Game. Designate one hand as your “yes” and the other as your “no,” then . Home Communicating with the Dead – A Christian Perspective on Its Reality, May 27, In addition to writing four books, he’s produced two meditation tapes and a video about psychic development.

(Luke ) clearly suggests the immense improbability of the dead communicating with the living. Both the rich man and Lazarus died. George, who retired from the contacting-the-dead business (calling it a curse instead of a blessing) is reluctantly drawn back into doing readings for people who have recently lost loved ones.

Through automatic writing, mediums have claimed to produce messages from famous persons in history, deceased authors and even classical music composers. In the 's, John Worth Edmonds, a judge on the New York Supreme Court, became interested in Spiritualism after the death of his wife.

Most people will read "Communicating with the Dead", go through the different methods suggested and be drawn to a couple in particular. Some may identify with more scientific means of communication, while others may be drawn to things like tarot or scrying.4/5(13).

Another way you can talk to the dead is through spirit writing, also called automatic or ghost writing. This type of spirit communication is more prone to attracting bad spirits than is communication through Tarot cards or candle flames, so remember to stop immediately if you get an uneasy feeling.

Communicating with the Dead - A Christian Perspective on It's Reality