Case endoscopy

Taking out food, coins or other things that get stuck What happens before and after the test? Before the test, on the morning of the test, the child should not eat or drink anything because this can cause problems with the sleep medicine administered before the test.

Case endoscopy

The preparation procedure to have the colonoscopy done is not pleasant. If you have never done this, it requires you drinking a gallon of fluid designed to 'clean you out' the day before the procedure. You don't eat anything, just drink this 'stuff'', and stay close to a bathroom.

I didn't think it did any damage to the upper track or made it raw, however. But, I would go by my GI recommendations. Valleygirl bryan Thanks for the response. Thing is, I already need both, so I'll be doing the prep for the colonoscopy either way the prep for the endo is simply no food after midnight - that unpleasantness isn't going to be avoided.

So, if I'm already out for one procedure it makes little sense to me for them not to do the second procedure at the same time. From what I've been reading, they are routinely done together - I'm trying to find some medical justification for getting put out twice, instead of once.

Unfortunately the only reason I can think of is that the insurance reimbursement is going to be significantly less if the procedures are combined - I'd hate to think that decisions are being made for me on this basis, which is why I am looking to this group.

My GI friend could think of no reason not to do both at once, so I'm hoping the community here can come up with an answer. I've been doing some informal polling around my office, and those who have had the procedures give me stories similar to yours - docs schedule them seperately, but if you ask for them to be done at the same time the GI's usually don't oppose it.

Would love to hear from a doctor on the issue. My only difficulty was the prep for the colonoscopy. It was difficult to drink the prep solution because I was having trouble with nausea and vomiting at the time.

After the procedures, I woke up feeling fine. The endoscopy caused minor pinching like sensations for a few day. April2 I had them both done at the same time with no problems at all.

I didn't have a sore throat or anything. Like you, I think it makes more sense to get them both done together so that you only have to be sedated, etc. I think most doctor's want them done seperately because they get paid more that is the largest and most comprehensive community Web site for medical imaging professionals worldwide.

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Case endoscopy

Endoscopy case studies Gastroenterology of Westchester In New York Gastroenterologist Dr. Jose Lantin decided to open his own ambulatory surgical center (ASC) in to fulfill his promise to improve patient outcomes. Sep 16,  · Case presentation.

A year-old man had experienced intermittent abdominal pain and loose stools for 3 years. A CT scan, with intravenous contrast, and gastroscopy demonstrated no gross abnormality and two subsequent colonoscopic examinations found only a single adenomatous polyp. Event Calendar. Fourth Annual VIRIES Meeting!!

May th, in Squaw Valley, California!! Associated with the Veterinary Endoscopy Society. The Digestive Health Centre provides diagnosis, treatment & management of digestive health disorders.

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