Biology business plan

Companies that specialize in energy, environmental law, medicine or research will find someone who has both a biology and a business degree to be an invaluable commodity. Having a biology undergraduate degree and an MBA is a combination that will be especially useful for widening your job horizons. Public Relations Careers One good way to combine biology and business degrees is by seeking jobs in public relations or marketing for biology-focused companies.

Biology business plan

Undergraduate Research Undergraduate Programs Without a doubt, the Biology degree is the most versatile of the many degrees in the life sciences.

How to Combine Biology & Business Degrees for a Career |

Over half of our majors in all of our degrees go on for an advanced degree such as the Master of Science or the Doctor of Philosophy Ph. In addition, a large number of our majors complete teaching certification in order to take positions as science teachers in secondary schools.

biology business plan

Qualified science teachers continue to be in high demand, giving the applicant options to go to nearly any area of the state or country where they might choose to live. Business, industry, and government continues to hire many of our graduates where skills and knowledge in the life sciences are in great and growing demand.

Furthermore, training in Biology provides a unique perspective in other professions such as Law, Architecture, Engineering, Business and Management. This permits students to specialize in an area of particular interest while working toward their career goals.

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The Department offers seven undergraduate degree programs, which are outlined below. Detailed information about the degree plans described below is available from the Office of Undergraduate Advising.

Having a career goal in mind enables students to choose the most appropriate undergraduate curriculum and electives.

The first two years of any major in biology is quite similar.

How to Combine Biology & Business Degrees for a Career |

Transfer students are admitted only after completing the first year of General Biology, General Chemistry, and Calculus.

A minor for the B.Strategic Plan Degree Plans Academic Programs Biological Sciences Business Center Degree Plans Dean List Course Information and Syllabi Fellowships Forms Giving Give Now Biology.

biology business plan

Business: Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Chemistry. Geospatial Information Science and Technology. People with business and biology degrees are particularly well-suited to take positions of management of biology-focused companies.

For example, you might look for entry-level management positions at gardening stores, pet shops and even exterminator businesses in order to combine your two areas of expertise.

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The undergraduate curriculum for the Bachelor of Science in Biology degree is designed to prepare students for employment in academia, government, or industry; for graduate studies in the biological sciences or science teaching; or for admission to medical, dental, or veterinary schools.

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Majors who plan to seek honors in biology should apply to the honors advisor listed on this website for their degree plan for admission to the honors program no later than the beginning of their senior year.

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