An analysis of the rise of digital music and the options of the music industry

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An analysis of the rise of digital music and the options of the music industry

As a result of this shift in music consumption, digital music accounted for over half of the all the revenue generated by the music industry in and amounted to a total of 2.

By far, the U. There were an estimated Streaming is expected to take over as the main source for digital music in the country. Bythe number of streaming users is projected to increase to about million. In line with the growth in number of users, revenue from streaming services is forecast to rise and become the most profitable digital music format in the U.

Spotify is particularly popular amongst young listenersas 38 percent of listeners aged 12 to 24 used this service in Moreover, 41 percent of Americans' time spent listening to music was via streaming in Mobile devices were most popular for streaming or downloading music or radio, and some Americans listening to music via a Smart TV or games console, demonstrating the move away from more traditional listening habits.

Indeed, 68 percent of Americans who took part in a survey in early stated that the most important feature of music streaming services was the ability to listen on multiple devices. Overall, the music industry in the U. The digital music average revenue per user is estimated to amount to This text provides general information.

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Due to varying update cycles, statistics can display more up-to-date data than referenced in the text.As of digital music accounted for nearly half of all global revenue for the music industry, finally lapping physical revenue (from CDs, vinyl, etc.). Notably, streaming in particular is on the rise, now making up 43% of digital revenue, nearly neck-and-neck with downloads at 45%.

Profitability in the Digital Age Music Industry. Katherine Calvert. Spring ; With the advent of new technologies, especially those of streaming and file sharing, the music industry is experiencing the rise of new methods of making profit.

At this point, the industry Profitability in the Digital Age Music Industry. David Byrne is currently collaborating with Fatboy Slim and Brian Eno. Separately.

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Chart Sources: Jupiter Research, Recording Industry Association of America, Almighty Institute of Music Retail. The Economist Intelligence Unit's recent report, sponsored by the Local American Working Group in Romania, compares the healthcare systems of 12 EU countries in order to propose options for health and medicines financing in Romania.

Sensitivity Analysis. The Role of YouTube In the Music industry. By Zaw Thiha Tun.

Rise of Digital Formats Stops the Music Industry's Decline

artists may offer a differing opinion; according to Digital Music News. Discover how technology has impacted the audio industry and why the demand for audio engineers is on the rise. Home. Education Home; About Us. Instructor Bios; News. Events; Videos When digital downloading hit the market the music industry went into a virtual tailspin.

An analysis of the rise of digital music and the options of the music industry

As the music industry gained more control over pirated music and.

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