Acid rain essay questions

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Acid rain essay questions

Acid rain essay questions

Acid rain spares nothing. Its effects are vast. It affects plants by destroying its roots, causing stunting or even death. Increased acidity in the soil, resulting from acidic rain, causes destruction of its nutrients which dissolve or decay in the acidic medium.

Saprophytic microorganisms present are also destroyed. Acid rain falling on leaves dissolves its waxy layer.

Acid rain essay questions

Damage to this layer makes the plant more prone to diseases and vulnerable to the effects of drying. Germination of seeds and reproduction are also inhibited.

Eventually, the plants become weak and are unable to stand adverse climate, such as strong winds and rain. Ultimately, there is wide spread deforestation. The federal government also failed to enact a renewable portfolio standard requiring growing shares of energy over time to be generated from renewable sources, even though such bills were submitted repeatedly to the U.

More recently, the Obama Administration has taken steps to mandate reductions in greenhouse gas emissions at U. Approved by the Energy and Commerce Committee of the U.

With such measures representing relatively recent steps toward energy sustainability at the national level, the last decade has witnessed a growing trend among many U.

As of Junesome 29 U.Essay about Acid Rain Is a Very Big Pollution Problem in the World.

How Is Acid Rain Measured?

The Environmental Threat of Acid Rain Essay. the problem remains. One facet of this overwhelming dilemma is the problem of acid rain. Plate Tectonics and False Question Essay; U3Ip Graphic Organizer Essay; Essay about Hydroelectricity is an .

Acid rain falls to the earth and gradually drains to the oceans via rivers, lakes, and streams. Acid deposition erodes the quality of the water in lakes and streams. It causes lakes to age prematurely, speeding up the natural process of eutrophication.

Among other positive outcomes, the importance of the world, describe the process of selecting a card rain acid effect cause and essay on of a resilient sense of responsibility for their studies, students should not be requested at final report by indiana university. Acid rain is a result of a chemical reactions and it is of the utmost vitality that an acid rain essay illustrate these reaction lucidly to the readers.

The primary components involved in the formation of acid rain include sulphur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx), and moisture (H2O).

Acid rain will continue to decrease as long as tougher emissions standards, especially in the developed countries, continue to be raised to new, higher levels. The acid from rain takes important minerals from the leaves of trees and from the soil.

Acid rain also releases toxic metals from the soil which damage the roots of the trees. The trees are weakened, cannot grow properly and are attacked by viruses, fungi and pests. Eventually the trees may die.

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