A short biography of jack dempsey

I had a little motto about getting rid of my opponents. Between and Dempsey reigned as the heavyweight boxing champion of the world, and for those years he seemed to embody the s passion for success in all kinds of human endeavors.

A short biography of jack dempsey

I had a little motto about getting rid of my opponents. He joined the ranks of other leading athletes, such as baseball's George Herman "Babe" Ruth —; see entryfootball's Red Grange — and golf's Bobby Jones —who were admired and even worshipped by the public.

Between and Dempsey reigned as the heavyweight boxing champion of the world, and for those years he seemed to embody the s passion for success in all kinds of human endeavors.

Even in defeat, Dempsey captured the imagination and love of the U. With their children in tow, the couple moved between Colorado and Utah, an area that, at the turn of the century, was A short biography of jack dempsey part of the wild western frontier. They made an uncertain living through farming, ranching, and restaurant work and sometimes had to accept handouts to survive.

Dempsey left school after the eighth grade and started working, holding such jobs as shoe shiner, pig feeder, and field worker. At sixteen he went to work in the region's copper mines.

Around the same time, his brother Bernie began a brief career as a boxer, calling himself "Jack Dempsey" in honor of an Irish middleweight champion with that name who had died, coincidentally, the year of Harry's birth.

The younger brother followed Bernie's example and especially his training methods, which included racing against horses to develop speed, chewing gum for extra jaw strength, and soaking his face in beef brine broth saturated with salt to darken and toughen it and thus make him appear fiercer.

Dempsey started fighting too, calling himself "Kid Blackie" at first. He went from saloon to saloon, challenging anyone to fight who would take him on, and usually winning.

Dempsey also took to hopping freight trains and living like a hobo the popular name for homeless, jobless menearning anywhere from two to ten dollars per fight. He first used the name Jack Dempsey in a bout in which, substituting for his brother, he beat George Copelin in Cripple Creek, Colorado.

Dempsey continued to fight his way across Colorado, Utah, and Nevada, earning a local reputation for his skill in the ring. At the same time, Dempsey trained intensely, running six miles a day and practicing punches while inside a small cage to develop the low, crouching stance that would always mark his style.

After a series of knockouts victories achieved by knocking one's opponent unconscious of several well-known western fighters, Dempsey traveled to New York City with his new manager, Jack Price. They visited sportswriters to publicize Dempsey's ability but generated little interest; the famous journalist Damon Runyon c.

Fighting his way toward the top Soon Dempsey returned to the West. For a time it seemed that his boxing career might be over. On a whim, he married an older woman named Maxine Cates, who worked in a Seattle saloon. She was not with him, however, when he moved to Salt Lake CityUtah, where he washed dishes, picked fruit, dug ditches, and worked in a coal mine.

Then one day a telegram arrived from John Leo McKernan, known as Doc Kearns, a California boxing manager and promoter who had seen Dempsey fight and believed he had potential. Under Kearns's direction, Dempsey began working hard to gain speed and power in the ring.

After six months of intense training, he started fighting again. His victories over such wellknown boxers as "Gunboat" Smith and Carl Morris drew both crowds and praise, and he continued to take on better and better fighters, building an impressive knockout rate of 60 percent.

At this point, Dempsey's goal was to challenge the reigning heavyweight champion, Jess Willard — A towering fighter known as the "Pottawatomie Giant," Willard had held the title sincewhen he had beaten the great Jack Johnson —the first African American heavyweight champion.

Dempsey still had to prove that he was worthy of meeting Willard in the ring. He did that when, in Julyhe managed to knock out Fred Fulton ranked second behind Willard within the first eighteen seconds of the first round of the fight. Kearns now began an intensive campaign to portray Dempsey as a savage warrior with an aggressive style that featured fast punches and relentless stalking of his opponent.

The s and the Making of Modern America, "Going for a quick knockout was just common sense. In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, most people had considered this a violent, low-class sport, and in some places it was even against the law.

But after World War I —18 many of the laws banning boxing were overturned, and new commissions established rules to govern the sport and prevent criminals from influencing it. Boxing gained respectability and became one of the most popular events for spectators from all levels of society.

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It was also becoming a profitable business, as men like Kearns and George "Tex" Rickard —another boxing promoter who would soon become part of Dempsey's life, fully realized. Dempsey had now earned the right to challenge Willard for the heavyweight title.

The championship match was set for July 4,in Toledo, Ohio. There were twenty thousand fans in attendance as the grim-faced, ever-crouching, quickpunching Dempsey battered Willard to the floor seven times in the first round.He eventually became a successful restaurateur in New York City.

Dempsey published several books on boxing. His autobiographies include Round by Round (), Dempsey (), and Dempsey: The Autobiography of Jack Dempsey (). He was inducted into Ring magazine’s Boxing Hall of Fame in Jack Dempsey Net Worth, Biography & Wiki William Harrison "Jack" Dempsey ("the Manassa Mauler") (June 24, – May 31, ) was an American professional boxer and a .

Jan 15,  · Jack Dempsey Boxer Born June 24, Manassa, Colorado Died May 31, (at age 87) New York City, New York Nationality American Jack Dempsey () was an American boxer.

He was the heavyweight world champion for seven years, and at his peak, he was one of the most famous celebrities in the United States. Sem categoria A short biography of jack dempsey.

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A short biography of jack dempsey

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William Harrison Dempsey, more commonly known as "Jack" after age 20, was born in Manassa, Colo., on June 24, , the ninth child of Hyrum and Cecilia Dempsey, both sharecroppers.

The family was so poor that Jack began farming at the age of 8.

A short biography of jack dempsey
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