A review of employee motivations in mervynss california

Training methods utilized during this five-day training program include lecture, discussion, simulation, case exercises and development of an action plan to be employed in the back home setting.

A review of employee motivations in mervynss california

Describe about A Handbook of Management and Leadership: A Guide to Managing for Results? Due to low motivation and a lack of job satisfaction employees at McDonalds do not consider their jobs as a means of long-term career growth Nawaz, They just come to workplace to earn their living and are hardly interested in the growth of the organisation.

A review of employee motivations in mervynss california

Many of long term McDonalds employees have claimed that they do not feel motivated nor are provided enough opportunities to use their creativity and do things differently. They feel a lack of learning and thus see no growth in this sector.

Employees who are de-motivated tend to lack commitment and put in less effort. Standards of customer service are also affected adversely when employees experience lack of motivation and thus job satisfaction. It has been noted that employees who are happy and satisfied tend to enhance customer service experience.

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As it is said one cannot make others happy when one is happy inside. In-spite of being a big brand in the fast food industry McDonalds still commit the same fault as performed by other fast food companies.

McJob is a term used to define a type of job generally related to retail or service industry that are low paid and does not demand specific skills and qualifications Nawaz, These types of jobs experience high employee turnover mainly due to lack of motivation.

Such type of jobs fails to satisfy the basic needs of the employees thus they are not at all influenced to stick with them for long time. Poor employer-employee relations, less rewards, lack of learning and low wages are some of reasons for employee de-motivation as well Nawaz, Monotonous nature of job wherein employees are directed how to carry out their day to day operations and are not expected to use their creativity.

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Employees at some of the McDonalds also face problems related to micromanagement wherein they are not involved in decision making process and are informed that their capabilities are not trusted owing to which employees show disengagement and feel highly de-motivated. There is lack of effective communication which leads to uncertainty and insecurity.

After employees have completed years in the job they start feeling insecure as they know the company can terminate them anytime as they can easily find cheap labor to get the same job done.

This fact does not encourage employee to plan their long-term career with companies like McDonalds. McDonalds in order to keep their operations cost minimum so that they can offer cost advantage to their customers generally fail at meeting the basic needs of its employee which is leads to employee de-motivation.

All these factors have adverse affects on employee motivation at McDonalds leading to reduced productivity and performance effectiveness.

Employees are not committed to their jobs thus do not take too many pains to ensure customers are provided with high quality services. It is high time McDonalds must make necessary changes and implement motivational approaches and theories to increase employee motivation which in turn will ensure desired organisational goals are achieved.

Method There are a number of motivational theories, concepts and models that can be implemented by McDonalds in order to increase employee motivation and ensure high productivity and quality performance.

This can be represented by the formula stated below: In order to understand and implement various motivational theories and approaches it is essential to understand the motivational process which is divided into six core phases namely; identifying individual needs, finding ways to satisfy those needs, employees are made to select goal-directed behaviours, employee starts performing, employee is either rewarded or punished based on their performance and lastly employee receives feedback based on which he redefines his need deficiencies Jr, Motivation is goal oriented wherein a goal represents something that is desired by an individual.

There are a number of sources of motivation which can be broadly classified into two broad categories namely; intrinsic and extrinsic sources Fox, Intrinsic motivated behaviour is reinforcement of behaviour that forces an individual to find a job and then feel the job is interesting.

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Extrinsic sources of motivation refer to the external sources such as rewards and recognitions Miner, Content theories and process theories are the two broad categories into which several theories of motivation have been divided Kitchin, Motivational theories help identifying factors that affect human behaviours in different ways.

There are a number of content theories which can be applied by McDonalds in order to identify factors that can enhance employee motivation. Process Theories Process theory studies the way employees needs themselves influence their behaviour Ranganayakulu, According to this theory people are motivated to achieve a goal when they feel they goal is worth the effort.

Individuals tend to display good perform when they are aware they will be paid equally well in return. There a several motivational theories which can be applied by McDonalds in order to overcome the issues related to low employee motivation.

According to this model once a needs has been satisfied its motivational impact declines. This model has categorized human needs into five broad categories and has arranged them in form of a pyramid wherein the lowest level forms the base of the pyramid and the highest level need forms the cone.

The five categories of needs arranged in an increase level of priority are; physiological needs, security needs, affiliation needs, esteem and self-actualisation needs Shajahan, This theory can prove to be very effective for McDonalds and will greatly help them in satisfying basic needs of their employee who in turn will be motivated to deliver high performance and show commitment towards their jobs.

In order to satisfy these needs individuals are ready to take and job for which they are paid. Unless these needs are satisfied no individual can focus on satisfying higher level needs. As McDonalds is able to satisfy these needs people who only work for money are willing to take these job however they show very low level of job commitment.EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION THE GOOGLE WAY Uncommon Yet Affordable, Amazing Perks and Benefits Similar to that is a ladder in the Mountain View California office which employees must scurry up to get between floors.

it is no wonder that the employee rating for Google on a prominent company review website is out of 5 stars and that • Find positive ideas to keep employees motivation and pass to their peers and/or co-workers.

Peer Review Michael J DeVry University Considering the most integral part of one’s paper, California Institute of Integral Studies). ProQuest Dissertations and Theses,, p. Although employers expect their employees — especially younger ones — to follow the employer’s brand on social media, share its brand links, recommend its products, and recommend the company to job candidates, we found that on the whole, employees displayed .

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Database of FREE Motivation essays - We have thousands of free essays across a wide range of subject areas. Sample Motivation essays! Terminating an employee, particularly a long-term employee, is one of the most difficult moments for most small business owners. But if you deal with the situation promptly and in a respectful way, the remaining employees, who trust that you will always do what needs to be done to keep the business running, will remain faithful.

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